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T  H  E   E  S  T  A  T  E

What makes a person happy? One who can make other people happy. And that's why winemaker Olivier Tricon believes that he has the best job in the world. This happiness is reflected in the golden hues of mature Chablis. That is what sends Olivier all around the world from his rows of vines to capital cities. He demands maximum effort from his team and the very best from his vines, all that in order to share an unforgettable moment over a glass of Chablis.

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H  IS  T  O  R  Y 

Domaine de Vauroux was created in 1956  by Tricon's  family

The history of the Domains de Vauroux is intertwined with the rebirth of the Chablis winegrowing region, undertaken in the 1970s. Olivier's father, Jean-Pierre and his uncle, Claude, planted their first vines in 1972. They subsequently acquired multiple plots, eventually creating an estate of 13 hectares in one contiguous area. From then on, the family farm, located on the hills of Chablis, was almost exclusively dedicated to working the vines.

Domaine de Vauroux, Vins, Chablis, Olivi
Histoire et patrimoine
Olivier Tricon

O  L  I  V  I  E  R   T  R  I  C  O  N

Olivier Tricon, a man of action and conviction

Enterprising, independent, Olivier Tricon understands that it takes solid foundations to construct a stable edifice. Since his early days as a laborer on his father's estate, he has maintained a profound respect for his elders. In 1998, he acquired the Domaine de Vauroux, and began to expand the estate. The soul that imbues every one of Olivier Tricon's "cuvee" can be summed up in almost 35 years of hard work and drive.

W  I  N  E  M  A  K  I  N  G

The team cultivates the vines according
to the principles of sustainable winegrowing.


The grapes are only harvested when they reach optimum maturity. They are transported to the winery and sorted with the utmost care, to preserve all their aromatic potential. The bunches are then gently pressed to extract the very best of the fruit. Then, the must is fermented for the most part in stainless steel tanks. Olivier Tricon's aim is to guarantee the greatest aromatic elegance in his wines. He has acquired a functional and modern way of working. From the harvest right through to the bottle, cleanliness is of utmost importance and is scrupulously ensured in order to offer the most gustatory precision to each "cuvee".

Le savoir-faire


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